Solar PV Panels Ireland – What Are They and How Do They Work?

solar pv panels ireland

Solar pv panels ireland are being dotted all over the country, and they’re becoming more popular in Ireland due to their ability to help save energy bills and even earn some extra cash. But what exactly are they and how do they work? This article will take a deep dive into the basics of solar energy and give you all the information you need to decide whether they are for you.

Essentially, solar PV panels capture the sun’s rays and transform them into electricity or heat. These are one of the most advanced power generation technologies on the planet and it is now widely accepted that they are a cost-effective, greener alternative to traditional energy sources. Using the right solar panels on your roof can significantly reduce your electricity costs, or even provide you with free hot water through your immersion.

Capturing the Irish Sun: Exploring Solar PV Panels for a Greener Future

While the initial upfront investment can be higher than other types of energy solutions, you can save a significant amount on your annual electricity bill and potentially generate more income through feed-in tariffs or sell-back to the grid. The exact amount saved will depend on variables such as panel size and type, your household energy usage and how much you use at night, and whether or not you have a battery storage solution installed.

There are currently three main types of solar PV panels on the Irish market; thin-film, mono-crystalline and polycrystalline. Thin-film panels are made by spraying a layer of semiconductor material on another surface, such as glass, plastic or metal. Mono-crystalline solar panels are fabricated by melting together individual fragments of silicon into single wafers. Poly-crystalline solar panels are cheaper than mono-crystalline but still offer high performance and great value for money.