Pool Inspection Melbourne – Why It’s Important to Have Your Pool and Spa Inspected

If you have a pool or spa on your property, it’s important to make sure you have it properly inspected by a qualified building inspector.

How do I become a licensed pool inspector in Victoria?

Swimming pools and spas are a great way to relax and have fun but they can also be dangerous. They can become a source of drowning deaths and injuries for young children.

New laws introduced by the Victorian Government aim to reduce these statistics. The new rules require that all home pools and spas have a safety barrier in place. Click here

The law states that all barriers must be compliant with Australian Standards and local laws. They must be able to restrict access to the pool and be a non-climbable structure. Gates and fences that are not complied with the Australian Standard can result in hefty fines for property owners, so it’s important to have your pool and spa safety barrier inspected regularly by a qualified inspector.

Our pool inspections melbourne are conducted by experienced professionals that understand the unique requirements of each property. Whether you have an in-ground, above-ground, wading, inflatable or indoor pool, we will inspect your pool and spa to ensure it meets Australian Standards and local laws.

Your safety is our priority so we will provide a comprehensive report highlighting any defects or issues with your pool and spa barrier that need to be addressed. This will include a list of improvement recommendations to ensure that your pool and spa barrier is compliant with Australian Standards and local laws.