Passover Programs

passover program

passover program are a great way for families to enjoy the traditional holiday. They offer all of the amenities that you need to make your Passover experience fun, memorable, and worry free.

Passover programs offer hotels and resorts that are fully equipped with everything you need to make your Pesach trip unforgettable. Many offer children’s programs, which teach kids about the Jewish heritage. These include educational and fun activities. Some even offer day camps for adults.

For those who prefer a less extravagant vacation, Passover Programs also have a range of options. Most offer room service meals and entertainment, such as basketball courts and tennis. This includes afternoon tea time, a ice cream bar, and fun activities. There are also spas, golf courses, and even day trips available.

Some hotels and resorts have seder meals served in their main dining rooms. Others serve a variety of delicious Passover kosher pastries. The seder meal takes hours to prepare and serve, so it’s important that you plan ahead.

Longer Pesach vacation for 2023 (maybe)

Most Passover Programs also offer a packed lunch, which will meet dietary needs. The cost is included in the program price.

During the Passover holiday, people are particularly strict about kashrus. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a reputable kosher certifying agency to ensure that the food is kosher.

You’ll also want to make sure that the program you choose offers plenty of entertainment. Many will hire headline speakers to stay for free. Other programs will have private shows for your group.