Neptune In Seventh House

Neptune In Seventh House

If Neptune In 7th House is in your seventh house, it symbolizes spiritual and emotional connections with others. This placement often influences the kind of relationships you seek, especially in love. People with this influence are empathetic and compassionate, and tend to give more than they receive in romantic partnerships. They may fantasize about their ideal partner and may have a hard time seeing flaws in their spouse. Nevertheless, Neptune in the seventh house suggests you should learn to recognize and accept the truth about your partners.

The Art of Connection: How Neptune’s Influence Shapes Partnerships in the Seventh House

Neptune is the planet of dreams and artistic inspiration, so having it in your natal seventh house indicates you are a dreamer, as well. You seek originality and magic in romantic encounters, but physical attraction isn’t the most important factor for you. Rather, you want to connect with others through their souls and their spirituality.

You have a strong intuition and can read others with ease. You have the rare ability to understand and penetrate individual barriers, which often makes you a popular counselor or healer. However, this also opens you up to codependency and love addiction.

Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, so this is one of its most important positions in your chart. It rules sleeping, dreams, and artistic inspiration, and represents the unconscious mind. It is the planet of compassion, charity and forgiveness. Having Neptune in the seventh house means you are generous and compassionate, and that your relationships with others are based on spiritual connection.