How to Make Vaporizer Juice – 3 Best Vaping Ingredients

With the wide variety of vaporizers on the market today, how to make Vape Juice is a common question among users. Making your very own personal Vaporizer can save you money and is great fun, but how to make Vaporizer juice is also possible using just ordinary household supplies. Believe it or not, some everyday household items have also been used to create quality Vaporizer juice in the past. In this article, we will share some of these “legendary” liquids that have created great tasting juices over the years.

Why Make Vaporizer Juice

Watermelon – A very popular fruit to use when creating your own juice, Watermelon has a tart, tangy taste that goes perfectly with the lighter taste of vaporizing e-juice. The best way to make your very own Watermelon juice is by grating up fresh watermelons and mixing them with some sugar. This makes a light, fresh juice that’s also very affordable. For a more flavoring treat, try blending in some blueberries or other fruity fruits. You can even use the syrup to give your finished product a little kick.

Fruit Flavors – Just like watermelon, there are literally hundreds of fruit flavors to use when making your very own Vaping juice. Since fruit flavors tend to go best with lighter flavors, you’ll want to choose fruit that goes well with a lot of the other fruity flavors you may have in your collection. If you are particularly adventurous, you might want to try new fruit flavors to see what fits best into your daily Vaping regimen. It’s important to make sure you use quality ingredients so your homemade flavors will work as they should.