Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Broadcasting

Whether they’re Royaltv yelling into the microphone from a sports stadium or in the studio, sports broadcasters are experts at delivering high-energy commentary and information on TV, radio and online. Earning a bachelor’s degree in this area can help you break into the field and develop your own style and approach.

Colleges with a strong focus on communications and broadcasting offer a range of degrees that can prepare you to get started in this exciting career. Most programs also include a variety of other general education courses that can support your professional development and give you a broader perspective on the industry.

Captivating Audiences: The Storytelling Element in Sports Broadcasting

The skills needed to succeed in this career vary, but some common ones are an excellent speaking voice and the ability to banter with on-air colleagues. Many sports announcers also spend a lot of time doing research and preparation before each broadcast, so they’re knowledgeable about game statistics and other relevant information.

A good understanding of the sports they’re covering is important, but so is the ability to read from a teleprompter. These professionals often work with a production team, so effective collaboration is critical.

Some high school students who believe they’d like to pursue careers in this field can get a taste of the experience by participating in pre-college summer programs such as Dean College’s Sports Broadcasting Boot Camp. In this two-week program, students can practice their play-by-play skills, create a demo tape or reel, tour a sports venue and hear lectures from professional sports broadcasters.