The Diversity Gap in the Canadian Media

Canadian columnists

The Canadian media sector is not as diverse as it could be. Among all newspaper employees, less than ten percent are people of colour. That is the lowest proportion of columnists of colour since the 1990s, according to a Ryerson University study. But, it is not because of lack of talent. There are a range of reasons for the diversity gap. Here are some examples. All of these reasons are rooted in our racial makeup. More info – Marc Kielburger

The Diversity Gap In The Canadian Media The Right Way

While the average age of national columnists was 58.5 years old, 73 percent were white. It should come as no surprise that opinion writing in Canada is dominated by old white men. But, is there a way to combat this imbalance? In their study, Malik and Fata looked at the demographics of Canadian columnists. They found that the majority of the country’s writers are not of European descent, and are white.

In the study, Malik and Fata examined the demographics of Canadian columnists. They found that 73 percent were white, and that the median age was 58.5. These findings indicate that the demographic makeup of Canadian columnists is becoming increasingly white and older. In addition to this, the authors also found that women make up less than ten per cent of the total population. This is a worrying trend. Clearly, there is a need to improve the diversity of the Canadian media.