Philipp Plein Watch With Timex

Many fashion brands have at least attempted to get into the watch business. Some have been successful, others haven’t. But a few, like Philipp Plein, are on the right track and bringing their own unique spirit to the world of timepieces. URL

Known for his maximalist approach to style (mink-trimmed football jerseys and fashion shows featuring monster trucks shooting fire), German designer Philipp Plein is bringing his brand’s outrageous aesthetic into his new line of watches with license partner Timex. The collection, which will debut in November, includes the $kull, a hexagonal PP pattern with a 3-D skull in the center; and the $keleton, with an automatic movement and multicolored baguette crystals as accents.

For the first time, Plein will also sell his collections online. He’s worked with license partner WorldTime Watches & Jewelry, which is part of the Timex Group and has a long-standing partnership with the brand.

Philipp Plein Watches for Men: A Classy and Masculine Choice

With his Spectre Collection, based on the 24th Bond movie, Plein poured his codes into a flat stainless-steel case and sprang an automatic movement with his signature skull inside. He’s hoping the ‘Spectre’ will help him tap into an under-exploited market that might otherwise be tough to crack.

With the $kull, Plein’s first high-performance watch, he is taking his rock spirit to a new level and introducing a more sophisticated version of his maximalism. In addition to the $kull, the collection includes the G.O.A.T., Nobile, Queen and Plein Power models. These all-new timepieces, accompanied by a new fragrance, are meant to reflect his “dual ethos,” he says.